What’s Your Ideal Breakfast?

Did you know Breakfast is the most important meal of the day?  Of course you did, your mum has always told you that. Did you know that 47% of people in the UK don’t have breakfast and that 48% of people in the UK have a sugar based breakfast? An unhealthy breakfast or no breakfast can cause you to gain weight, as well as affect your mood. I’m looking for people who are serious about changing their lifestyle in 2017, starting with an Ideal Breakfast. I will provide you with a 6 Day Breakfast, support and other nutritional advice, to see how different you feel after 6 days. If you’d like to try this, read the information below and if you think this is for you, give me a call on 07951 744 493 to book your appointment. IDEAL BREAKFAST – DAY 1 INSTRUCTIONS Welcome to your Ideal Breakfast Programme! Over the next 6 days we are excited for you to experience the benefits of a breakfast that gives you everything your body needs. Instructions Each shake should be made with 250ml fluid. The ideal recommendation is soy milk but you can use another type of milk or low-sugar fruit juice. If you have a blender, our shakes taste incredible with ice and a small amount of added fruit. Shake Recipes There are thousands of different shake recipes you can make, but here are a few to get you started: Cookies & Cream: https://youtu.be/1BtKASWm-Sk?list=PLB3ZV-mBfQYwYEiqZFjZp74rPosHKfBrY Cherry Cheesecake: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByjvPUYYFpo Mango Tango: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XgOpCXjNak&index=4&list=PLB3ZV-mBfQYwYEiqZFjZp74rPosHKfBrY Go Getter Green: https://youtu.be/iXG7Ry8ADtU?list=PLB3ZV-mBfQYwYEiqZFjZp74rPosHKfBrY You also want to have a cup of our refreshing Instant Herbal Tea. Your breakfast pack contains 2 sachets of tea, and each sachet contains 3 servings. Simply add ½ a teaspoon to a cup of hot water and enjoy! Meal Plan Over the 6 days you should eat 5 times per day focusing on complex carbohydrates (fruit, vegetables and wholegrains) and lean protein (white meat, lean red meat, eggs, beans, pulses and soy products). Try to cut down on rice, pasta, white potatoes and bread. Your day should look as follows: Breakfast – Herbalife smoothie & Instant Herbal Tea Mid-morning – Snack Lunch – Balanced meal of complex carbohydrates & lean protein Mid-afternoon – Snack Dinner – Balanced meal of complex carbohydrates & lean protein Healthy Snack Ideas Herbalife protein bar Herbalife soy beans Herbalife tomato soup Protein Drink Mix (2 scoops) Eggs (1-2) Oatcakes/wholegrain crackers with soft cheese/cold meat Nuts (be careful to portion) Fruit Meat/fish portion Small salad Yoghurt (high protein brands Arla, Danio, Total 0%, Liberte) Bean/seed mix Veg and hummus dip Soup Fluid Try to consume a minimum of 2.5l of water per day. Minimise black tea / coffee as much as possible, avoid fizzy / sugary drinks and too much alcohol.