What I did to go from a Size 14 to a Size 10

The image above was me back in 2012.  I had been made redundant from my job of 27 years in the NHS 2 years previously and decided to retrain as a Personal Trainer as I had always wanted to help people with their nutrition and fitness.

As you can see in the first picture, I used to have a spare tyre around my middle that wouldn’t go despite working out with clients for approximately 6 hours a day and eating a healthy diet.  I also suffered with digestion problems and after meals would look 6 months pregnant because of bloating.

I went on to lose 17lb of weight, 11% body fat, have more energy and no longer have any digestion problems, plus I exercise for just 1 hour a day.

How did I do this, well basically I was introduced to Herbalife through my sponsor Lin, who contacted me via Facebook.  In actual fact, she contacted me about Metabolic Effect Classes that I was running.  Then I asked Lin what she did and she told me about Herbalife.  At first, I was like most Personal Trainers and sceptical about shakes in place of meals.  She suggested that I read up more about Herbalife and the science and nutrition behind the products whilst she was away at a Company Training Event in Barcelona….that also got my attention!

So I went home, did my research and contacted Lin when she returned from Barcelona.  We met again and Lin went through a Wellness Evaluation with me.  This consisted of me getting on the scales to have my body composition readings taken and then talking through what a typical day of eating and exercise consisted of for me.  After this, I decided to go ahead and start on the products.

When I started on the products for the first 3 weeks after obtaining my pack, I was only taking one shake a day, but did feel great.  After this I increased my shakes to 2 per day and haven’t looked back since.

In the first 8 weeks, I lost 11% body fat and 7lb, I continued to lose weight losing up to 17lb in total.  Since then I have increased muscle mass, and maintained shape and energy.  This has taught me that weight is just a number.  It’s our other body composition readings that are more important.

I was inspired by my own results but also hearing other peoples testimonies at Herbalife Opportunity Meetings not least about weight loss and weight management but also about how the opportunity Herbalife offers and some of the incomes some people were earning as distributors.

My motivation was initially to generate an additional income to help me increase my income as a Personal Trainer.  An added bonus was that after struggling to maintain my own weight in spite of the healthy regime I thought I was following that after taking the products I began to see and feel the difference in my own body. I now know I will continue to use the products forever.

Initially my view on nutrition was that I felt people should eat healthy nutritious meals.  However, after realising that we can’t always get all the vitamins and nutrients that we need from our food, this is were Herbalife comes into its own in providing a complete nutritional meal replacement, along side healthy food.  The results I have personally achieved from replacing some of my meals with shake’s, has changed my view completely because I have felt and seen the benefits personally.

I feel better about the way I look and have loads more energy. Simply put I feel great.

My new lifestyle has meant that I have more energy and feel great.  I don’t feel as though I am working because I enjoy what I am doing so much. As a full-time Herbalife Distributor and Personal Wellness Coach I find I have greater job satisfaction and I am inspired and motivated to help more people achieve their personal goals.

Initially, I felt inspired to share my story with family and friends, but now I share it with whoever wants to hear it.

My current view of nutrition is that I will always have a Shake at least for Breakfast because in my opinion you can’t get a healthier easier breakfast in many varieties.  They are filling and nutritious and fit into any busy lifestyle.

I was fit and healthy as I was working as a PT, but there is no doubt that my energy levels have improved and I know feel fitter and healthier than ever. I generally sleep better and I have fewer headaches and don’t have the bloated effect that I used to have. 

I have in the last 18 months taken up Crossfit and lift weights that I never thought I would have lifted.  I love my Crossfit sessions and feel so energised after each class, no matter how hard we’ve worked!!

I have shared my story with my PT clients, family and friends, I  have helped others to achieve their goals and am always looking for others to help.

I run small Metabolic Classes (rest based training for fat loss and building muscle) from my small studio at home and work from home seeing clients weekly to see how they are getting along with their own goals.

I enjoy every minute of of what I do and look forward to helping so many more people to achieve their goals and change their lifestyles, so if you or anybody you know  would benefit from great nutrition and my help and support, please share my story with them and ask them to get in touch today.  I can be contacted on 07951 744 493.