I would like to offer my services to businesses to help you to encourage your workforce to look at their own nutrition and fitness.

I would like to support Merseyside businesses to create a culture of improved health and nutrition in the workplace.

Poor performance, stress and sickness absence all have a detrimental impact on the growth and productivity of any business. A happy, healthy workforce is likely to produce better results and contribute to the overall success of the business.

It is a fact that over 70% of all visits to the doctor are related to illnesses resulting from poor nutrition (WHO). Addressing a person’s diet is the key to ensuring that we reduce the possibility of developing heart disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes as well as a multitude of digestive problems. Better nutrition means fewer visits to the doctor and a reduction in sickness absence. A healthier workforce will also be a happier workforce, thereby increasing productivity and retention.

Gill’s Health & Fitness are offering to Merseyside businesses, the following free consultations for all staff:

  • Healthy breakfast presentation – product sampling and information
  • One minute body fat testing
  • Full 45 minute wellness profiles with diet and nutrition recommendations

To follow on from the free consultations, Gill’s Health & Fitness can put in place any of the following:

  • A weekly Gill’s Health & Fitness Challenge for the workforce with sponsoring for any charities that the business may support
  • A nutrition club, providing a healthy, nutritious Breakfast or Lunch
  • A fit club – run by a fully qualified personal trainer.

If the business is interested in supporting their staff with a regular slot to address health and nutrition then we can provide all of the above on a regular day and time to suit the business, for example after work, lunchtime, breakfast meeting etc.

The aim of the presentations is to raise awareness and increase knowledge of health and wellbeing in the workplace through improved nutrition and understanding of the key food groups and their impact on our bodies; fueling our bodies rather than just filling our bodies!

To find out more contact: Gill Lindsay, Personal Health Coach & Personal Trainer

Mobile: 07951 744 493

Email: gillshealthandfitness@live.com

Improving People’s Lives Through Nutrition & Fitness