High Cholesterol?

Do you have High Cholesterol?

In August, Herbalife sent out an email to it’s distributors asking if anyone would like to do a trial of their new product Beta Heart. For those of you that know me, Herbalife has made a huge difference to my life, so I decided I’d give this a go. I was accepted onto the trial and had to have my bloods taken before I started the products, which of course I did. I used the product for 4 weeks and then had my bloods taken again. The results were amazing, my cholesterol had dropped by nearly 20% (as you will see in the picture below).   14333769_10154791159314587_4282395381393597301_n I was amazed by these results and the doctors at Herbalife were really pleased with them too. In fact, whilst in Prague at our Extravaganza, I also got my picture taken with Dr. John Heiss, our Director of Sports & Fitness, which was an amazing privilege as well as being trained by our CEO Michael Johnson & our amazing Head of Human Nutrition at UCLA Dr David Heber & hearing their passion for our products & the work we do was mind blowing. As I have just told you hearing the launch of our unbelievable new product Beta Heart which has been clinically shown to reduce cholesterol – as Heart disease is the World’s number one killer, you can imagine Dr Heber’s excitement that as distributors and coaches working with Herbalife he has 3 million agents of change in the world – taking a product to people that can prevent a heart attack!   It’s a real privilege to help people improve their health & feel incredible 🙂 So, if you know anyone that suffers with High Cholesterol and for one reason or another can’t take statins ask them to give me a call.  I will offer them a full wellness profile and explain what they need to do before they start.  They will need to check with their GP, but I will provide them with information to take with them. If they decide to go ahead, as with all my clients they will have coaching sessions with me and begin working towards their Healthy Active Lifestyle, ask them to call me today. Click on the link below to get more information about Beta Heart. betaheartminibrochurea5_uk_web