Achieve Your Swimsuit Body

For those of you that know me, you know that I believe that the Metabolic Effect and Metabolic Aftershock programmes gives us the best fat burning & toning results.

When I first came across these programmes, I wasn’t a Herbalife Distributor.  Metabolic Effect had their own protein drinks but for me to ship them from America would have cost alot of money in taxes alone, and would have been the same for my clients.  At this point in time I was encouraging my clients to make healthy options in food choices and I was helping them with this.

The results were good and I could see shape change and bodies toning.

However, when Herbalife found me and I combined this with the ME programme the results were amazing.

Review Of Stubborn Fat

Remember the Metabolic Effect and Metabolic Aftershock Workouts target the B’s & H’s.

Breathless, Burning, Heavy & Heat.  If you are feeling these 4 effects, then you are burning fat.

The weight loss industry has mislead you about stubborn fat for decades. You can’t burn stubborn fat by exercising a particular area.  The body burns fat from all over, it is just that some areas burn fat more slowly compared to others.

I tend not to go into a lot of detail about the fat burning receptors called the beta and alpha receptors. The main thing is that one speeds up fat release and one slows it?

Remember, B for beta and burn?  The beta receptors are like big huge garage doors that when they are activated, fat is released in large amounts.

A for alpha and anti-burn. The alpha receptors are like tiny little kitchen windows fat can barely squeeze out of.

The fat around the hips, butt, thighs and belly (especially love handles) is stubborn because is has a higher concentration of alpha receptors compared to beta receptors.


The Three Step Process To Beating Stubborn Fat 

Step 1= What is the number one thing to stop doing if you want to take the breaks off of stubborn fat?  STOP DIETING (aka eating less & exercising more)?

Extreme dieting, by eating less and exercising more, causes hormonal and metabolic changes that not only cause the body to regain fat in general, but also suppresses beta receptor activity and ramps up alpha receptor affects.

In other words, dieting makes you fatter and also makes your stubborn fatty parts more stubborn!!  This is why with Herbalife Nutrition we encourage healthy snacks to help speed up your metabolism throughout the day.

Step 2= And of course after you stop dieting you need to work with the natural changeability of the metabolism. You can’t adopt a static approach, but rather you must cycle the diet. Eating and exercising more sometimes and eating and exercising less other times.

Step 3= Once you stop dieting and cycle the diet (step 1 and 2), you can begin to target stubborn fat in a way you never thought possible through specific diet, exercise and supplement techniques.


Real Shape Change

Here is an example of someone that the ME Programme has helped.  We’ll call her Ms. Beginner or Ms. B.


She went on a diet and running program to lose weight.  She was successful, but she was not happy because the areas she was really concerned about, her hips, butt and thighs, barely changed at all.

She lost weight from her breast, arms and belly but her hips, butt and thigh area was slow to respond.  She even swore to Dr. Jade that they got bigger.

Of course they didn’t, but when one area of the body loses fat so much more slowly than others it creates the illusion they are getting bigger.

She went from a large pear shape to a smaller but more pronounced pear shape.  NOT the swimsuit body she was after.

The ME programme was able to help her (mostly by accident at that time) and overtime Dr. Jade has watched countless others morph from apple and pear shapes into hourglass (women) and V-shapes (men).  These shapes have been shown by science to be the most healthy and most attractive shapes.


A Stubborn Fat Success Story

I know you love to see what other people have accomplished using these same type  techniques.  One great benefit we have at Metabolic Effect is so many people have done our programs that we constantly have people sending in their stories and often they include pictures.

I want to show you this one, because one of the comments Dr. Jade kept getting went like this, “Jade I am in my 50s I am very doubtful this can get me a “swimsuit body.”

Well, you know we don’t use names with people we share but check out the picture below.

This women is 55 years old and went from 150lbs to 130lbs in 8-weeks. She lost 5 inches around her midsection, some of the most stubborn fat there is for women her age.

Her measurements went from 37-31-38.5 to 33-26-35.

Her waist to hip (pear point) and waist to chest (apple point) went from .80 and .83 to .743 and .788.  This is a pretty amazing transformation showing a very realistic and doable change to a more pronounced hourglass shape.

That is what we mean by the Swimsuit Body!  By the way, did you see her freaking abs? Pretty cool right?

So, if these are the kind of results you are looking for, you need to get serious about your

Herbalife Nutrition and exercise.  Remember the 80:20 rule and work with me your coach

to provide you with the support your need and regular assessments.


A Choice


At this point you have a choice. You can do nothing and have zero chance of having a tighter and completely changed body by the time you hit the beach this year.

You can try it yourself by eating little and often and hope you’re making the correct food choices.

Or finally, you can work directly with mysel and let me support you through the process along with my Metabolic Aftershock classes.  This is after all what I do.  I know from my own experiences that Herbalife combined with Metabolic Aftershock or Metabolic Effect can deliver you the results you are looking for.

I am currently looking to take on 10 new clients who want to try our Herbalife 3 Day Trial, so why not contact me today and grab one of the remaining places. Definitely do NOT procrastinate.

As always, whether you purchase the program or not, I love educating you on all this stuff. So you can still come and have a Free Wellness Assessment.  All I ask in return is that if you find this information useful, that you share it with your friends and colleagues and let them make their own decision about whether this programme might be for them.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article, I hope you found it useful.

Gill xx

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