A Must Read if you want to improve your Health

WOW! What a book this was.  I finished reading it on holiday.

If you follow my website, you’ll know that I’m passionate about helping people with their health, nutrition and fitness, so it’s no surprise really that I found this book fascinating.

In fact, I’d go as far to say it is probably one of the best books I have ever read.

It made so much sense to me, perhaps because I do believe in Cell Regeneration.  After all I work with Herbalife Nutrition and our products work at a cellular level, also I practice and teach Nirvana which is a breathing programme that helps to regenerate your cells and can therefore help to reduce illness.

So, if you’re interested in looking after and improving your Health, then I would recommend that this book is a must read for you too.

Raymond Francis, explains how he improved his own health and brought himself back the brink of death.  He talks about their only being 1 disease and 2 causes, with 6 pathways to help you make the necessary changes to you.

If you’re a GP, you may want to add this book to your reading list…just a suggestion 😉

I’m not saying it has all the answers, but it may come pretty close or go a long way to helping also save our NHS.

Your Health is Your Responsibility no one else’s…..Your Choice, why not make a new Choice for YOU.