8 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

8 Reasons You May Not Be Losing Weight

1. You don’t have enough muscle.  More muscle burns more calories, make sure you are a fat burner.

2. You are eating too little, slowing your metabolism down.  In other words you are turning yourself into a fat storer rather than a fat burner.

3. You are not drinking enough water.  Aim to drink a minimum of 2-3 litres a day.

  • helps control portion sizes
  • flushes out toxins
  • Keeps us hydrated
  • Stops us drinking sugary drinks/tea/coffee

4. Leaving out important food groups. eg. healthy fats and healthy carbohydrates.

5. You are skipping breakfast.

  • starving body = slow metabolism reaches for sugary snacks more.

6. You are stressed out.

  • binge eating
  • exercise helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins to make you feel happy

7. You eat out alot – this doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight.

  • stick to fresh foods
  • watch out for sauces
  • know which foods groups to have on your plate
  • avoid high salt, transfat foods and sugar foods
  • avoid sugary drinks and limit alcohol

8. You are eating too many “diet” foods.  Diet foods may cut out sugar but add chemicals, and bad fats.  Also extra sodium and preservatives.

Fat Free = added sugar.

Watch your portion sizes, prepare foods at home using fresh foods as much as possible and get your recommended daily dose of balanced food.

Aim for 30% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates (complex carbs) and 30% Healthy Fats.

If you would like to know more about all of this, why not book your free wellness evaluation with me today.  These are exactly the things that you will learn why.  As your coach, I am here to help and support you throughout your journey to your goal and beyond.  So, what are you waiting for, call me today on 07951 744 493

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