5 Simple Holiday Tips!


A few people have asked me for advice for when they are on holiday.

Remember, you are not following a diet plan, you are following a nutrition plan and working to change your lifestyle to a Healthy Active Lifestyle, so in real terms the same rules apply to when you’re at home.

Ok, you may drink a little more and you may eat some nice treats but generally as long as you follow these other tips, you shouldn’t gain nearly as much as you probably have previous years.

1) Drink 3-4 litres of water a day

2) Eat a protein based breakfast (never skip breakfast)

3) Reduce your intake of Simple Carbohydrates (anything beige)

4) Make sure you have vegetables/salad with every meal

5) Keep active:- swimming, walking, dancing (minimum of 30 mins per day)

Don’t diet all year for your holiday, just change your lifestyle and make healthier choices throughout your life.  Then when special occasions and holidays come around you can afford to have a treat.

Remember, you are fuelling your body!