Level 10 – What’s this?

What is Level 10?

Level 10 is basically the best you can be.  Even when we get to our goal, we often set ourselves new goals.

My level 10 at the moment is to get my body fat to 15%, increase my muscle mass and improve my hydration.

I am going to achieve this by attending CrossFit 3 times per week.  Doing 3 Metabolic Aftershock sessions per week, including walking and anything else that I enjoy such as hula hooping, rowing, swimming.  Basically, keeping moving and having a Healthy Active Lifestyle with great nutrition.  Herbalife is part of my nutrition along with nice healthy meals.  Below is one of the workouts my daughter and I have done recently.

Fabulous CrossFit session this morning at  Peak Performance Liverpool with Rachel

12 minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute) – 3 X Hang Power Snatch, 1 X t2b, increasing to 3 x Hang Power Snatch, 12 x t2b.


12 Minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible)
9 Air Squats,
6 Strict Pull Ups,
3 Clapping Press Ups,
1 Rope Climb.

I did 11 rounds (with variations on Pull Ups (ring pull ups) and 3 pulling myself up on the rope (can’t climb it yet, not got the knack yet, plus not keen on heights, but I will get there!)



What will your Level 10 be?  If you’d like to know more or work with me call me today.